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This blog is my personal journal of in the field observations for Track and Sign.

2014-09-13 CAW Tracking at DiSR ✓

Terry Kem - Sunday, September 14, 2014

Species of note: Bull Frog, California Ground Squirrel
Species List: raccoon, opossum, river otter, coyote, black-tailed deer, tree frog, Beatle species, robin, song sparrow, deer-mouse, stripped skunk, Ca. ground squirrel, great-blue heron, American crow, goose species,
Location: DISR, house beach, Indian beach, north beach

Journal/ Notes: Today was the start of the Cascadia Wild Intensive tracking program of which Teri L. and I lead. It was a clear and hot day for September but that did not discourage the animals from leaving lots of tracks and sign thorough out the evening and early morning hours. There were many highlights depending on the participant, but for me, the clear tracks of a bull frog and California ground squirrel stood out. These are tracks I don't get to see often, but you can see from the list that there were many great sightings.

River otter put on a good show today also. It  reveled a good lope and gallop pattern for discussion. Black tailed deer did a nice walk into a trot gait, both direct register. Opossum was also educational today. We found our first tracks in some dry sand, which challenged the best of our eyes to figure out, but later in the day we found some perfect examples. 

We found lots of crow sign, tracks, flick up of mussels from the sand to dry and pop open for meals, and also possible probing in the sand for some sort of smaller crustation. Canada goose, Ca. ground squirrel and skunk were all in this same area.


Garth took this picture of the bull frog stopped with a nice imprint of it belly and chest. The front feet are at the top of the photo. 


Here the front feet are at the bottom of the photo. When it hops, its front feet land in front of the hind. 


These were another species of frog, smaller than the bull frog and larger than the tree frog. The other species I find here often is the red-legged frog. But as of yet have not see it create these tracks.


Bull frog crossing an opossum trail.  Or perhaps the other way around.


 Some pretty nice California ground squirrel tracks. the were out in the open on the beach. Makes me wonder who their predators are, this trail seems pretty exposed. I didn't take measurement but is was bounding very fast from the waters edge back to cover about 75 yards away.