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This blog is my personal journal of in the field observations for Track and Sign.

2014-10-24 Fall Oxbow visit w/ JP ✓

Terry Kem - Friday, October 24, 2014

Species of note: black-tail deer, American crow.
Species List: American dipper, pacific wren, varied thrush, American crow, American Robin, black-tailed deer, opossum, old elk tracks, salmon carcass, horse, deer bed, deer feeding, crow dropping.
Location: Oxbow park, flood plain, carbon beech, dipper beach.
Time: noon to 2:15pm, 2.25 hrs.

Started at cairn beach; first notice the ground lightly covered in cotton wood, alder, and big leaf maple leaves. It reminded me of Halloween coming just around the corner.

First tracks I took note of were deer. They were moving all over the lower area, mostly browsing on willow leaves. (pic.)


American crow walking than stops, hops up onto a low hanging log, you can see the track imaged in sand on the log. It than takes a right foot step to the right and releases some droppings. There is a partial mark on the log and the rest is on a rock on the ground 16” or so below. It than flies off. (pic)

At the down river end of cairn beach I found some good tracks of the front foot of beaver. (pic) The water was really murky, muddy in color today.

Ran into some tracks of a person, going down on their knees to look at some beaver chews of willow. There were well aged beaver drag marks present. I did not look close enough to look at the age of the chew. I wonder if it was Dan or one of the other naturalists.

One question I had after looking at all the deer tracks was to review dew claw placement of the front and hind feet. In particular, which foot has the dew claws further back from the cleaves than the other.

Drove to the other end of the park to visit our favorite American Dipper location. It was still there floating down stream as it fed. Also could hear the alarm calls of the pacific wren. It was alarming on me. Other tracks here were horse, deer, and human. We did not track much here.


Also did a short visit to south sands of the flood plain. Deer, opossum, good population of rabbits. The ground was wet and dense.
Found a very clear impression in the sand where a deer used for a lay. (pic).

Weather: 50 degrees, calms, overcast, no rain but began to rain at 2:30p.
pic; 20141024 Oxbow w/ JP.