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This blog is my personal journal of in the field observations for Track and Sign.

2014-10-19 DISR w G ✓

Terry Kem - Sunday, October 19, 2014

Species of note: Black-tail deer, track behavior in rutting season?
Species List: Raccoon, AmRo, SoSp, deer, GHOw, Cow, Snails, Midges, Coyote, Raccoon, Yellow Shafted Flicker,
Location: DISR, Indian beach, N. beach

As we were driving down river on the dike, #1 we saw and counted 40+ elk. There looked to be a couple of large bucks but I did not have my binoculars to verify their rack size.

Indian Beach; There was some Great horned owl actions. What I initially thought was some sort of bird probing, was actually the claws of a zygodactyl track.
There were also deer, raccoon, and cow

Cow: 13-1/2” TW, R-L 25-1/2”, half stride; L-R 24”, 25 to 26”.
Deer 1: Out turned toes, R-L 20”, L-R 19-1/2”, R-L 20-1/4”, L-R 20”. Outside turned toes, male from cleve measurement.
Deer 2: R-L 22-1/2”, L-R 21-1/2”, R-L 22-3/4”, L-R 25-3/4”, R-L 25-3/4”, L-R 27-1/2”. Picking up speed, trott.

N. Beach: Cow 12” TW, 25-1/2”, 26-1/4”, 26-1/4” Half strides.

These deer tracks were mysteries in that the feet splayed out. This was only in this one section of the pattern of tracks. It gave me pause to consider the behavioral of this moment in time. On consideration is that we are in the heart of rutting season. 

At first I considered that this was bird probing sign, been marks. But after further examination, I could more clearly see that these were claw or talon makes. 

A nice example of an American Crow pellet. This is a pellet because you can see the seeds in the pellet. There was fresh sand from the feet of the crow, and also after coughing up the pellet, it jumped down onto the ground and left some nice foot prints. 

This was our greatest mystery for the day. I want to call this a snake trail, but it was so straight. We found several of these on our walk and they were all straight. This trail was about 1/2" to 5/8" width. The only snake we have this large that I am seeing around is a garter snake. All the trails came out of or were going to the river. ?? Mystery.