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This blog is my personal journal of in the field observations for Track and Sign.

2014-09-19 DISR w JP TM ✓

Terry Kem - Friday, September 19, 2014

Species of note: Frog species??, Turkey Vulture, Common Raven, Townsend Chipmunk
Species List: raccoon, opossum, black-tailed deer, tree frog, robin, song sparrow, deer-mouse,  great-blue heron, American crow, goose species, Townsend Chipmunk.
Location: DISR, house beach, Indian beach, N.N. beach

Journal/ Notes:
It was another great day of tracking. The weather was in the 70's. Began at Indian beach where there was much traffic by the local cattle. This whipped out most of the potential tracks but along the edges were the Townsend chipmunk, mice tracks and a variety of bird tracks. I found opossum and muskrat tracks in this same area. The muskrat tracks were faded from the low tide going out, must of just missed these tracks by a few hours. I also took an artsy picture of a Great blue hereon tracks here.


 Nice set of Townsend chipmunk tracks at 2-1/4" trail width. You can also see the vestigial toe pad on the inside of each front foot.


 Female cow track. Recorded these for future reference for morphology characteristics, especially in relationship to elk tracks. Front 3-7/8" by 4-1-16". Hind 3-7/8" by 4".


 This is one of three amphibians I found in this area, two of varying size. The Pacific tree frog I found, put on the soft wet mud but it was too light to make any tracks. This frog was 2" wide. I need to do a study on the frog tracks I am finding. In this area we have red-legged frogs, bull frogs, toads and others I'm sure.


 Above is my artsy picture of a great blue heron track.


 This was just a great shot of the front and hind foot of an opossum. It seems so rare to get such clear prints that are not on top of each other.

Headed to N.N. beach to wander and discover some not so often found tracks.


 I followed these a bit before I could figure them out. It consistently drug its' toe 3 in this soft sand, close to the low tide line.  In  addition it was walking all over the place along with goose, duck, gull and crow tracks. It is showing a health hallux and toe three is much longer than toes 2 and 4. These are turkey vulture tracks.


 This common raven was also walking around quite a bit. Most I see crow in this area as there were many today, but there is a pair of ravens in the area also so I keep my eyes open for their sign. Today I was lucky. It walked, skipped, hopped three times before take off. 28", 47" and 28". Length of tracks was 4" to 4-1/4".


Here is the raven walking. Some of the measurements for the stride were 8-1/4", 8-1/2", 8", 8", 8". 
raven tracks are much more beefy than crow tracks. Their toes get a bit wider as they join the metatarsal also.

I was wrestling with other small bird tracks today trying to figure out species which I have to study more before i can record them with certainty.

Weather/ Tides: 83/56, wind 5mph (NNW).