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This blog is my personal journal of in the field observations for Track and Sign.

2014-09-03 Oxbow Park, ✓

Terry Kem - Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Species of note: Black-tailed deer, Douglas squirrel.
Species List: black-tailed deer, stone fly, American Crow, deer mice, Canada goose, worm casings, mink, Douglas squirrels, sandpiper species, downy woodpecker, brush rabbit, hooded mergansers, bees, raccoon.
Location: Oxbow park, Camp area A down at river, Flood plain; loop walk to mecca.

Journal/ Notes: Highlight of the day was seeing a family of Douglas squirrels playing together in a cedar tree right at the parking lot of the "flood plain". I took several pictures and a video. They were moving up and down the lower trunk of the tree, seven of them. The mother was watching from an upper branch. They watched  as I got closer to them. They than ran on the ground towards a cotton wood next to my parked car. They scurried under my car, both doors were open, and one ran through the car using Julie as a launching pad to escape.

Loved watching these Douglas squirrels wrestle back and forth to get different positions in line. They would also walk upside down on the underside of the branch. You can see the mother watching over from the branch above.

Up than down, than all around. Coming together in balls of fir. Soon enough, winter will be here.

Now they're are running down the tree over to the cottonwood. Didn't seem to concerned with me. Though I have to say this is the first day after back to school, so all the animals are very used to humans.

Earlier when getting to the park, I walk the land edge down at the river, camp area "A", trailing a black-tailed deer. I collected several samples of what they were feeding on. The sign looked fresh withing 24 hours. I will post these photos as part of my Black-tailed Deer track and sign gallery.

The rest of the animals I  found tracks or sign of were viewed as I walked from south sands, to mecca than back to overflow channel and than the parking lot. Not much was really going on. The sub strait was heavily traveled by this summer camping traffic. I look forward to coming out here after some weather has cleaned the slate, and few folks will be out and about.

Weather: 65 to 68 degrees, clouds with sun to sun with clouds. 11am till 2pm.