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This blog is my personal journal of in the field observations for Track and Sign.

2014-02-25 DISR Elk walk about ✓

Terry Kem - Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Journal: Drove around the ranch today with the hope of seeing some elk and where they are hanging out.
Drove down the dike to the north end and walked the bear lake woods. I was about 3/4 of the way heading south before found any elk sign, a single cow, and not overly fresh. By the time we got to the pass through that goes to the slough, found a few more elk moving in the area. A few sets of track  looked fresh to at the least 6 hours or less old. Followed these for a bit where they led to one of their bedding areas from a few years ago. They were not there. This was a small herd according to the sign. 

We headed back to the feedlots area and drove into the mule barn area and checked out the land bridge. We found here several elk tracks heading off the ranch. Perhaps the herd of 15-20 Bill mentioned. Called it a day as I could tell that there were not many elk on the ranch today. 

Tracked coyote, deer, elk, opossum, stripped skunk, raccoon. Balk eagle was present, pintails, GBHe, GrEg, RTHa, Amro,  

Weather: It was a sunny day, strong cool breeze from the east.