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This blog is my personal journal of in the field observations for Track and Sign.

2013-10-20 DISR hot water pond ✓

Terry Kem - Monday, October 28, 2013

Species of Note:  Sandhill Crane, Greater Yellowlegs, Great Egret.
Species List: Hot water pond: Sandhill crane, raccoon, muskrat, red-legged frog, greater yellowlegs, unknown bird species, killdeer, great egrets, common merganser, mallard duck, muskrat, nutria. 
Location: DISR: Hot water pond, 12:35pm to 1:45p, 

This was an incredible day of tracking for me in that I really brain patterned on Sandhill Crane, Great Egret and Greater Yellowlegs. They have been journaled and compared in my animal journals. 


Duck tracks for sure, 2-5/8"L. Possible mallard or merganser tracks. 


Sand Hill Crane tracks. 4-1/4"L. You can also see a dot for a hallux. Nice webbing. 


Greater yellowlegs 1-1/2"L. I need to do more research in comparing these tracks also with snipe tracks. 


Great egret. webbing between toes 3 and 4. 


Above two photos are great egret tracks. The toes are a bit narrower than a Great blue heron. Also it appears that toe one is more in line with toe 3 versus in the GrBH.

Other Observations:
Coyote tracks and detail in mud. 
Muskrat tracks and possible den where the tracks lead. 
Incredible red-legged front tracks and pic of a front. Need to study this a bit more and Journal. 
Nutria tracks and gait.
Greater yellow legs droppings.  
Cow tracks and pee marks. 

Weather: Clear Skies, cooler than days before.