Terry is a freelance naturalist working through his company Deerdance and other non-profit organizations. He holds a BS in agricultural economics from the University of California at Davis.

Terry was raised on a ranch that sits along the Columbia river in Deer Island, Oregon. After college he opened his first business. After a decade of immersing himself in the business world, he was reconnected with the natural world through one of his first mentors, Tom Brown Jr. It was in 1994 he started Deerdance and shifted his focus to Outdoors education. Terry also designs and manages individual and small business websites.

Since 1994 Terry has offered classes and volunteered for many non-profit organizations while sharing his unique view of the natural world. Terry’s particular expertise is teaching animal tracking, an ancient science and art that is being rediscovered in our culture today. Additionally, his passion revolves around the awareness that the natural world can teach us. Terry lives with his wife Julie in Portland, Oregon.

terry Kem