Wild Turkey Tracks and Sign

Track Notes:
3-3/4” to 5”. (9.5-12.7 cm) L x 4” to 5-1/4 in. (10.2-13.3 cm) W. Game bird track. Large to very large. Anisodactyl. Incumbent foot structure.
Webbing is found between toes 2 and 3 and toes 3 and 4.
Both toe 1 and the metatarsal pad tend to register clearly in tracks.

Similar species: Sandhill cranes tend not to register their toe 1 or the metatarsal pad. They also have less bulbous toe pads and take longer walking strides.

Gait and Pattern:
Trail: Walk Strides 5” to13” (12.7-38.1 cm)
Run Strides up to 33” (83.8 cm)

Notes: The turkey is a flock species, except at the start of nesting, when laying hens will be on their own.

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All photos are taken by Terry Kem unless otherwise noted on image.