Osprey Tracks and Sign

Suavie Island, 4-3/4Sauvie Island, Willow Bar, 3-7/8Sauvie Island, Willow bar, Jetty 2, 3-1/2 to 4
Sauvie Island, 4Sauvie Island, Willow Bar, single pair by jetty 1, 4Possilble Osprey tracks.
I saw these tracks being made, as tide was going out, Osprey standing in wet sand.Osprey taking off with wing print. Visual, Sauvie Island, Willow bar

Track Notes: 3-1/2" to 4-3/4" length.
These tracks are challenging to measure as they often drag their toe 1 and 4 claws. Behaviorally they land at waters edge and stand, or take a bath. Many of the photos take are of Osprey touching down to pick up a stick. I have some walking and hopping photos but am waiting for further data before I post. 

Certainty: Only image # 7 and #8 did I see the Osprey leave the tracks. The other images fit behavioral characteristic I have been taking note of over the years. Almost all tracks are associated with nest collecting behavior during early nesting season her in the Northwest. 
Looking back on these tracks, some are very similar to Owl tracks, and be so. 

Similar Species: Raven, Great-horned owl, Red-tailed Hawk though different habitat. 

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All photos are taken by Terry Kem unless otherwise noted on image.