Three Day Immersion in Nature

It has been my experience that when I spend time walking and wandering the land, magic happens. When I mix in a little playfulness, intention, a bit of gratitude, some awareness tools, miracles happen. The land and all her participants just come alive to my presence.

In this three day gathering, I pull together my three one day awareness classes, "Spirit that Flows Through All Things", "Healing Gifts from the Earth", and "Seeing Through Natures Eyes", into an immersion experience with nature. Go to these links to further discover what we will explore with our time together.

All meals are provided and will come from our very own Fawnwood gardens. And as a special gift this year, we have our very own master chief, David Lewis. David has an amazing relationship with the spirits of the plant nations that can only be experienced through each meal.

Date & Times: Not available for 2019.

Accommodation: This is a residential program which means camping. There is a shower, portable toilets, and hot water for campers. If you are coming from out of town, or would like to rent a bed in one of my yurts, let me know.

If you have any questions, drop me an email