Nature, Awareness, and Intuition

There was a time when words were not, yet communications were rich and true. All living things were able to connect via a non-verbal frequency, conversing and sharing information with each other as a natural way of being. Over the ages humans developed various new abilities and skills, but lost or forgot others, including the awareness of their connectedness to the natural worlds and their innate ability for exchange through this universal frequency. In so doing, a great separation was felt, and humanity grew to believe this separateness was its natural state of being.

We now find ourselves in a truly amazing time – a time of remembering. Remembering more fully who we are. Remembering how deeply we are connected to all life. Remembering our wholeness. In this quest, the natural worlds and our Earth herself are stepping forward, asking for our attention, ready to assist us in our reconnection to the Spirit that flows through all things, and the universal lines of communication we call the Language of the Heart.

At Deerdance, we have created a three-part workshop series devoted to the development of inner and outer awarenesses, and other skills needed for reconnecting and communicating with the natural worlds. We will meet and build relationships with several of Mother Earth’s greatest (non-human) teachers, mentors, and healers. In these classes we will work with tools designed to enhance your interactions within the various realms of nature, open a doorway into your own soul, and build your connection with the heart and soul of our beautiful planet Earth.

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