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2015-11-26 Sauvie Island Eagles ✓

Terry Kem - Saturday, November 28, 2015

Species of note: Bald Eagle
Species List: Domestic dog-t,v, black-tailed deer-t, stripped skunk-t, DIJu-v, GCSp-v, 2 flock of MoDo-v, Kill-t, Scrubjay-t, Gull-v,t, 5 BaEa 3imm-v, CoFl-v, King-h, AmCo-v, Scau-v, Cormarants-v, RTHa-v, BeWr-h, DoWo-vh, BCCh-v, GBHe-t, SHCr-vh, VaTh-v, RCKi-v, Gulls-t, Sparrow?-t, AmRo-t.
Location: Sauvie Island, Willow Bar.  Read More

2014-11-08 CAW Intensive Tracking Class ✓

Terry Kem - Saturday, November 08, 2014

Species of note: Elk & Deer carcasses
Species List: Elk, black bear, grouse, Douglas Squirrel, ?? Flying squirrel, black-tailed deer, coyote, human, mole, LT/ST weasel, junco, buteo, chickadee, sparrows, 
Location: Near Carson, Wa. Longview Fiber property.  
Time: 10:00am till 5pm, 7 hrs.  Read More

2014-10-24 Fall Oxbow visit w/ JP ✓

Terry Kem - Friday, October 24, 2014

Species of note: black-tail deer, American crow.
Species List: American dipper, pacific wren, varied thrush, American crow, American Robin, black-tailed deer, opossum, old elk tracks, salmon carcass, horse, deer bed, deer feeding, crow dropping.
Location: Oxbow park, flood plain, carbon beech, dipper beach.
Time: noon to 2:15pm, 2.25 hrs. Read More

2014-10-19 DISR w G ✓

Terry Kem - Sunday, October 19, 2014

Species of note: Black-tail deer, track behavior in rutting season?
Species List: Raccoon, AmRo, SoSp, deer, GHOw, Cow, Snails, Midges, Coyote, Raccoon, Yellow Shafted Flicker,
Location: DISR, Indian beach, N. beach Read More

2014-09-19 DISR w JP TM ✓

Terry Kem - Friday, September 19, 2014

Species of note: Frog species??, Turkey Vulture, Common Raven, Townsend Chipmunk
Species List: raccoon, opossum, black-tailed deer, tree frog, robin, song sparrow, deer-mouse,  great-blue heron, American crow, goose species, Townsend Chipmunk.
Location: DISR, house beach, Indian beach, N.N. beach  Read More

2014-09-13 CAW Tracking at DiSR ✓

Terry Kem - Sunday, September 14, 2014

Species of note: Bull Frog, California Ground Squirrel
Species List: raccoon, opossum, river otter, coyote, black-tailed deer, tree frog, Beatle species, robin, song sparrow, deer-mouse, stripped skunk, Ca. ground squirrel, great-blue heron, American crow, goose species,
Location: DISR, house beach, Indian beach, north beach  Read More

2014-09-03 Oxbow Park, ✓

Terry Kem - Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Species of note: Black-tailed deer, Douglas squirrel.
Species List: black-tailed deer, stone fly, American Crow, deer mice, Canada goose, worm casings, mink, Douglas squirrels, sandpiper species, downy woodpecker, brush rabbit, hooded mergansers, bees, raccoon.
Location: Oxbow park, Camp area A down at river, Flood plain; loop walk to mecca.  Read More

2014-03-25 DISR Elk Sighting, ✓

Terry Kem - Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Species: 31 elk in cow herd, 2 spikes in them. 12 bull elk, 2 had 3 point racks or greater. 5 immature bald eagles flying and playing over the lakes. 1 mature.
Location: DISR north end, west of spring hole, between oak tree lines, closer to fence of mile long.  
Weather: 40's, drizzle.  Read More

2014-02-25 DISR Elk walk about ✓

Terry Kem - Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Journal: Drove around the ranch today with the hope of seeing some elk and where they are hanging out.
Drove down the dike to the north end and walked the bear lake woods. I was about 3/4 of the way heading south before found any elk sign, a single cow, and not overly fresh. By the time we got to the pass through that goes to the slough, found a few more elk moving in the area. A few sets of track  looked fresh to at the least 6 hours or less old. Followed these for a bit where they led to one of their bedding areas from a few years ago. They were not there. This was a small herd according to the sign.   Read More

2013-10-20 DISR hot water pond ✓

Terry Kem - Monday, October 28, 2013

Species of Note:  Sandhill Crane, Greater Yellowlegs, Great Egret.
Species List: Hot water pond: Sandhill crane, raccoon, muskrat, red-legged frog, greater yellowlegs, unknown bird species, killdeer, great egrets, common merganser, mallard duck, muskrat, nutria. 
Location: DISR: Hot water pond, 12:35pm to 1:45p,   Read More