Cascadia Wild Intensive Tracking Program

The animal tracking intensive program is designed to provide in-depth tracking instruction for both beginning to advanced trackers alike. Throughout this course we will cover the science and arts of tracking:

Track Identification: Everything from common mammals to small rodents and birds.
Track Gaits, Patterns and Interpretation: The study of baseline behavior and the amazing stories that take place.
Track and Sign Aging
Ecological Tracking: The Big Picture.
Awareness Techniques: To help in blending in more with nature.
Intuitive Tracking

We will meet one day a month for eight months, for a full day of tracking in the field, plus an evening lecture. Journaling and reading assignments between classes will help reinforce the lessons learned. The tracking intensive program provides the quickest and most efficient way to become a proficient tracker, teaching not only important technical tracking skills, but improving your ability to read the landscape and helping you develop a sense of place in the natural world.

Class locations are within 1 1/2 hours from Portland, chosen to cover as wide a range of habitats as possible. We will be tracking on the Columbia River floodplain, alpine areas on Mt Hood, and everything in between.

Class dates: Not offered at this time.

Basic, intermediate, and advanced paths:
Several options exist to allow the program to fit into your personal schedule. The program is designed to include reading and journaling assignments between classes, designed to reinforce what was learned. Homework will be reviewed by instructors to provide helpful feedback on your progress. The basic option, however, allows busy people the chance to attend classes without the extra homework. The advanced path is the most time-intensive path and involves an additional independent study project on an aspect of tracking of your choice. If you have the time, we highly encourage this path, however, we realize it is not possible for everyone. Under the guidance of our instructors, the independent research project will give you the most in-depth tracking experience.

Terry Kem, of Deerdance, and Teri Lysak, of Cascadia Wild, have been teaching tracking for over fifteen years and for six years, respectively. Both instructors have a Level 3 Track and Sign certification through CyberTracker .