Animal Tracking

We spend a good portion of our life learning and being in a state of focus. I call this the realm of the mind and I put it all in my bundle called focus. Focusing is an important part of surviving in the world we live in. But the way we practice focus and the way nature teaches focus, is very different. It is as if one is a state of doing and the other a state of being.

From this page I hope to create a doorway into nature and a type of focus that becomes expansive. It sounds strange but just image for a moment a deer or rabbit, a prey animal, that must see all, hear all, smell all, just to survive on a daily basis. It's sensory awareness is always at a state of emergency, without the fear. Animals are always in a state of expansive focus or their chances of survival are limited. I submit that their version of focus is all about being present with all their senses stretched out in the moment.

Exploring the Arts of Tracking is  wonderful and gentle way into developing an understanding and participation in the world of nature. Animal tracking is one of those tools that helps us to develop a broader view of our surroundings.

This portion of my web site is my attempt to share some of the teachings,  stories and classes that bring inspiration into my life. Use the menu to the right to  view what I am focusing on today.