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The focus of this web site is to reflect the natural world in the ways she inspires me. The following pages are an expression of my exploration and journeys with and through nature. I practice daily the art and science of animal tracking and the development of awareness skill. For me these are tools to help me see my world in a more objective and intriguing way and to help find answers to my never ending questions.

I offer beginning and intermediate classes in the "Art and Science of Animal Tracking". I also share free tutorials and photo galleries to help in identifying animal tracks and sign.  Click here to explore more, or go to my "Animal Tracking" menu item above.

For me, animal tracking is a tool that gets me out and playing in nature. I love the science of tracking but the magic of exploring and practicing awareness skills helps me to see and experience our world with a much broader perspective. I offer workshops in developing awareness skills and helping participants discover how nature can become their greatest mentor. Click here to explore more, or click on my "Nature Awareness" menu item above.

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Begins September 13, 2014; Cascadia Wild Intensive Tracking Program.
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